CA Training Class

The Newport Clinic in California Proudly Presents
Legendary Stage Hypnotist Dr. Jim Wand

Special guest appearance by Scott Sandland

Hypnosis Applications and Convincers for
Stage Hypnotists & Clinical Practitioners

Date: February 27 & 28 2016
Location: 1501 Westcliff Dr #301, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Dr. Jim Wand is the founder and owner of Wand Enterprises, The Hypnosis Agency. He has been involved in the field of hypnosis for over 30 years. Dr. Wand holds a Ph.D. in the field of psychology has over 10,000 professional engagements to his credit and is considered to be one of the most professional, busiest hypnotic entertainers in the world today.

Whether you are a beginner stage hypnotist or a veteran performer, there will be something for you. After 10,000 performances, I pride myself in being able to tweak anyone’s show and clinical presentations and assist in processing the information to take your performance to the next level.

Topics being discussed:

  • Alter your pre-talk for different audiences and markets including casino, college, corporate, comedy clubs, cruise ships, high schools, fairs and festivals, and other events
  • Appropriate stage set-up for all occasions and venues
  • Proper positioning of volunteers to get the best response and increase the entertainment value
  • How not to lose volunteers and what to do when “the domino effect” begins
  • When to reposition your volunteers and how many times can you do this
  • What does the open chair do to the flow of the show
  • How to structure our show in such a way it’s flexible enough to replace one skit with another one and when to do this
  • Have multiple instant and re-inductions you can use
  • How to develop new routines, and variations for different performances
  • The ability to custom design each show to any group, theme, venue or occasion
  • How to slow down or speed up a routine to fit your volunteers’ “comfort level”
  • When to utilize “manual manipulation” to elicit a physical response and how to do so
  • Varied instructions for different audiences and situations “unique, creative and cutting edge”
  • Alternative ways to utilize “call backs” and post-hypnotic suggestions
  • How to stack “post-hypnotic suggestions” and maximize their effectiveness
  • Unique ways to contact a particular market that most people aren’t aware of called the back door entry
  • Guaranteed marketing strategies that work
  • How to make a “six figure income” in any market and much much more.

Price: $1500

Early Bird Special! Sign up before November 30, 2015, & receive a
$200 discount!

Every attendee will receive Jim Wand’s licensed Maximum Weight Control Seminar ($499) value, also the instruction on how to use and the license to utilize the materials as you wish.


For more information contact: Kenda Summers or call 815-747-6954


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