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Hypnotist Jim Wand

On August 8th, 2022, we bid farewell to a legendary figure in entertainment, Legendary Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand, a man often referred to as one of the ""Greatest of All Time"" in his field. As the visionary founder of Wand Enterprises, Jim represented an illustrious roster of hypnotists, mentalists, ventriloquists, comedians, and magicians. His journey in hypnosis spanned over three decades, underpinned by an impressive educational background with a BS in Psychology, an MS in Counselling, and a Doctorate in Philosophy. Jim's career was marked by over 12,000 professional engagements, solidifying his reputation as one of the premier hypnotic entertainers globally. His talent knew no borders, captivating audiences in every state across the U.S. and in 10 countries abroad, often returning for encore performances. Recognized as an authority on personal and group motivation, Jim's expertise extended beyond the stage. He successfully ran a hypnosis practice for eight years, working alongside three full-time hypnotists. Today, we proudly carry on what Jim started. His legacy lives on through Wand Enterprises, where we continue to uphold his standards of excellence and dedication to the craft. Our commitment is to honor his memory by delivering extraordinary entertainment and support, just as he did throughout his remarkable career.

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Jim Wand Vimeo Channel

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of legendary stage hypnotist Jim Wand with an exclusive collection of videos spanning his illustrious career. Whether you choose to rent or own, this mega compilation offers unparalleled access to a variety of performances, including captivating college shows, high school events, corporate gatherings, casino nights, and vibrant fairs and festivals. Each video in this collection provides a unique window into the art of hypnosis, showcasing the incredible power of suggestion wielded by a true master. Experience the magic, the laughter, and the transformative moments of Jim Wand's shows, captured in high-quality footage that brings the essence of his legendary performances right to your screen.

Jim Wand...Master of Self Hypnosis

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Learn How To Hypnotize Yourself ~


Unlock the 20-minute self-hypnosis audio and claim Jim Wand's comprehensive guide to mastering effective self-hypnosis techniques at no cost ~

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Jim Wand Self Help Audio's

Unlock the full potential of your mind with our cutting-edge hypnosis audio programs. Designed by Jim Wand himself, these audios are crafted to guide you into a deep state of relaxation, where you can access and harness the power of your subconscious mind. Whether you're looking to boost your confidence, overcome stress, improve your sleep, or achieve specific personal goals, our hypnosis audios offer a safe, effective, and convenient way to bring about positive change in your life. Experience the transformative power of hypnosis from the comfort of your own home, and start your journey to a happier, healthier you today ~

Release Stress/Sleep Soundly


SEMINAR PACKAGE: Stop Smoking Forever Without Gaining Weight


SEMINAR PACKAGE: Maximum Strength Weight Loss


Jim Wand's Book

Hypnotic Motivation: Utilizing
Subconscious Persuasion – Paperback

Hypnotic Motivation: Utilizing The Subconscious Mind. This book gives one all the tools necessary to access the subconscious mind to bring about change in their personal lives. By utilizing the subconscious mind the new habit pattern is developed more quickly, more completely and lasts indefinitely. If you want to break a bad habit or improve in any area of your life this book is a “Cliff Notes Version” of the entire process.

Are you curious about hypnosis and the power of the mind? If so, this is the book for you. In this concise guide, master hypnotist Jim Wand shares insights from over 30 years of speaking, teaching, and performing. You’ll learn why hypnosis works, what it teaches us about the subconscious, and how you can reframe your thinking to achieve anything!

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