Retirement Communities

Jim Wand is considered to be one of the top rated hypnotic entertainers in the world today. He has over 11,000 performances to his credit and has a top notch production show that will “blow your residents away.” He can also do one or more self-help seminars when he is on your property:

  • A performance that utilizes audience participation to keep the audience totally engaged
  • How to Lose Weight and Keep it off
  • Stop Smoking without gaining weight
  • Self Improvement, the mental edge
  • Pain Management
  • Improve in golf and other sports



These are the most popular topics for retirement communities. Jim Wand also represents a number of Magicians, Ventriloquists and Comedians if you are looking for variety.

Finally, Jim Wand is an AARP member himself and knows what audiences in this age group enjoy and need.

Jim Wand Intro Video Download

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