High School

High School Hypnotist, Jim Wand, provides high quality hypnosis entertainment for any high school event. Whether it’s for an assembly,fundraising activity, project graduation, or post prom event, hypnosis is the key to entertainment.

Hypnotism is a great tool for entertainment, but it also provides helpful suggestions to students. With the increase of temptation and the peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol, Wand Enterprises knows how important it is to provide an alternative source of entertainment.

Whether it’s for Project Graduation or a Post Prom event, stage hypnotist Jim Wand guarantees satisfaction. Every hypnotist we represent uses hypnosis in a safe and age appropriate way. We never want any of our volunteers to feel embarrassed, hypnosis is meant to entertain, amaze, and educate.

Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand, the CEO of Wand Enterprises, has been performing at high school events for over 25 years. Each year he does over two hundred presentations and fifty percent of those are done at the high school level. During this all school assembly, he teaches and entertains at the same time, thus holding the audience’s attention.

Over the years I have presented more than 100 programs for High School audiences at State and National conventions. DECA, FBLA, FFA, Student Council, Business Professionals of America and Key Club are among the groups I’ve presented Keynote Addresses for. Through these experiences, I have come to one very important realization, “you have to capture one’s attention before he/she will listen and react”.

High School Assemblies

High school assembles are great opportunities to reach students on a personal level. Stage hypnotist Jim Wand understands how difficult it can be to find a suitable act that’s both entertaining and provides students with useful information. Hypnosis shows are a great way to get students involved and leave a lasting impression on them. The use of hypnotism can be entertaining, but it also provides helpful tips students can use in their daily lives. We teach and entertain at the same time, thus holding the audience’s attention. Some of the key issues we address during our hypnosis shows are alcohol and substance abuse, how to improve self-concept; develop self-responsibility, and the value of taking control over one’s life. Through the power of hypnosis our professional stage hypnotists mix entertainment and important life lessons into a useful presentation.

The presentation involves audience participation, can be utilized with students sixth through twelfth grade, is always tastefully done, enjoyed by all, and used with four hundred to three thousand students at one time.

  • All School Assemblies/Homecoming Pep Rallies
  • Drug/Alcohol Assemblies
  • Athletic or other Awards Banquet
  • Appreciation Dinners
  • Teacher Inservice
  • After Prom / After Graduation Parties
  • Other Special Events


Post Prom/Project Graduation

Project Graduation and After Prom Events from Wand Enterprises, Your Source for Professional Hypnotism

High School Hypnotist Jim Wand has been involved in high school entertainment for over 25 years. Hypnosis is the perfect source of entertainment for any post-prom or project graduation event because it creates a positive and fun atmosphere that keeps students safe after prom is over. Hypnotism can be both entertaining and educational, providing students with helpful suggestions they can follow in their daily lives. After Prom and Project Graduation events are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the United States. Just this year, our hypnosis agency performed at over 150 such events. At least 95% of the schools rebooked through our hypnosis agency each year. At Wand Enterprises, we know how important it is to provide safe and age appropriate entertainment. This is why we can guarantee that our shows will be enjoyed by all.

The reasons to book a hypnotic entertainer through Wand Enterprises:

  • With access to over 50 hypnotic entertainers, there is always someone to fill your dates and time slots and accomodate most budgets
  • We guarantee each hypnotist to do a professional and appropriate entertaining program or your money back
  • Each hypnotist can provide a certificate of insurance to cover any liability issues a school or parent group might have
  • Each hypnotic entertainer has in-depth experience with doing After Prom / Project Graduation events
  • Once contracted, we make sure the artist gets in touch with the contact person for your school or group at least 2 weeks prior to the event
  • Each artist can work with any group from 50-1,000 and can vary his or her performance to meet the exact needs of the group
  • With 20 years of experience in this marketplace, we know which hypnotist to place in each situation to assure a quality program
  • You are given the option to select the hypnotist of your choice whenever possible
  • Each date is contracted through Wand Enterprises, thus allowing you access to our entire staff to answer questions, share ideas and be available whenever needed
  • With over 200 schools and parent groups utilizing our services each year, we have numerous references to contact

Hypnosis is so popular because it incorporates a large deal of involvement by peers both on stage and off.

Each show is created with the needs of your students in mind, all routines utilized are appropriate for high school students, and revolve around their interests. As a sponsor you can request certain themes, routines or special messages and the artist will do his/her best to accommodate your needs.

All Hypnotists and other artists represented by Wand Enterprises are professional with an in-depth background on how to make the event age appropriate, fast moving and tastefully done. Each is insured and personally contacts the chairperson for his/her event at least two weeks prior to the program date to discuss details and exchange pertinent information. Every attempt is made to make sure all questions have been answered and all needs attended to.

“You have done a joint event for our county’s 6 high schools for 15 consecutive years. Never have I seen such a positive interaction between schools that compete athletically. Hopefully you can continue this presence for the next 8 years.”Robeson Public Schools, NC – Coordinator for Project Graduation We realize the performance is for the students and do everything possible to ensure the volunteers on stage and those in the audience enjoy the event and never are embarrassed in any way.

A representative of Wand Enterprises is always available to answer questions and assist you in any way possible. We have office hours from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST Monday – Friday, or feel free to inquire online 24/7.

Over the past 20 years, we have supplied entertainment for well over 2,000 After Prom and Project Graduation events and take pride in going the extra mile to assume total satisfaction on the part of our clients.

Each year myself and other hypnotists represented by Wand Enterprises do over 100 After Prom and Project Graduation dates throughout the United States. Once a school utilizes Wand Enterprises, there is a 95% chance they will re-book year after year.

If you want to be the hero of your planning committee for the next After Prom or Project Graduation event, contact Wand Enterprises, you will be “elated” with the outcome of the program.

Each program is custom designed to meet the needs of the audience.