Maximum Strength Weight Loss Instructor’s Program

Dr. Jim Wand’s Maximum Strength Weight Control seminar package is perfect for the hypnotist looking to add additional streams of revenue to their hypnosis business.


Dr. Jim Wand’s Maximum Strength
Weight Control Seminar Package

Dr. Jim Wand’s Maximum Strength Weight Control Seminar Package is a great addition to your hypnosis business! This package is perfect for any hypnosis professional who is already practicing hypnosis and wants to add a lucrative and effective option to their existing hypnosis practice!

This seminar package contains everything you need to get started offering weight loss seminars in your business today, including:

~ A self-evaluation guide for the participants to evaluate their eating habits
~ A workbook for the seminar
~ A subliminal recording supporting the particpant’s weight loss program appropriate for listening at any time.
~ A self-hypnosis recording supporting the participant’s weight loss program
~ A video demo which you can refer to at any time
~ A PowerPoint presentation for your seminars
~ A guide to marketing your weight loss seminars

(All files delivered digitally via our online training portal at

Use this program to drive additional revenue to your hypnosis business! Offer home house parties, stand-alone seminars, or even corporate wellness events. The sky is the limit!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to bring more clients and revenue to your hypnosis business!

Take action today and start offering this lucrative seminar now!

Jim Wand Self Help Audio's

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